Laminated plywood from a new manufacturer in Russia

18 mm 1220x2440

1750 RUB per sheet

32 650 RUB/m3

Price is valid for orders over 30 m3
Manufacturer's price without intermediaries. Quality Guarantee.

We are honest and transparent

Before signing the contract we provide a complete set of documentation for our products including certificates.

Delivery time is guaranteed

The delivery time is fixed in the contract and we financially guarantee that the deadlines are met.

Best components

We use phenol formaldehyde resins from the industry leader – Metadynea Russia company

Phenolic paper from the Innovative technologies company (St. Petersburg)

Flexible pricing

The price of plywood depends on the total volume of deliveries in a year: the more you buy, the less you pay.

Density, kg/m3
​ Humidity, %
Ultimate strength for splitting at glue layer, not less than, MPa
Elastic modulus for static bending (thickness 9-40 mm), not less than, MPa

The main product is laminated plywood sheet sized 1.22 x 2.44 m.

Main characteristics and composition:

- The increased water resistance

- The number of wood veneer layers for the most popular thicknesses:   

   13 layers in 18mm plywood sheet and

   15 layers in 21mm plywood sheet

- E1 formaldehyde emission class (Resin 14J620 provides ULEF level formaldehyde emission)
- Humidity of 5-12%
- Maximum length (width) deviation +/- 3mm
- The number of usage cycles in monolithic housing construction is more than 12

- All plywood layers are composed exclusively of birch veneer.
- We use phenol formaldehyde resin of brand Premere 14J620 provided by Metadynea
- Laminated with brown colored phenolic membrane with a density of 135 g/m provided by Innovative technologies

- Butt-ends of plywood sheet are painted with special acrylic paint for plywood butt-ends provided by Vapa

Plywood is certified and manufactured according to specifications as it has some features:

- the use of non-solid veneer. Each layer of plywood consists of two or three pieces of veneer joined properly to each other. Each joint does not intersect with the overlying and underlying layers, so the reliability of plywood is guaranteed. In this regard, on the front side of the plywood sheet there is a visible seam, which does not affect its quality characteristics.

- plywood is not polished, so its thickness varies up to 1.5 mm from the nominal. At the same time, when measuring at 4 points from each of the corners of the plywood sheet, the thickness is the same.

Since the plywood is not polished, the lamination coating is not smooth and glossy, but matte and velvet. In any way it does not affect its protective and water-proof properties.

Address and legal name: Separate subdivision Semyonovsky plywood enterprise

Novator LLC

Russia, 606650, Nizhniy Novgorod region, Semyonov, Promyshlennaya str., 6

INN (taxpayer identidication number) 7721478195

KPP (tax registration reason code) 522845001

OGRN (primary state registration number)1167746254059

Opening hours:

Production unit – 24 hours a day

Administrative unit – 8 a.m. – 5 p.m on weekdays (Moscow time)

Phone number: +7 (83126) 6-02-04 or 8 800 550 22 63

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